Faith Leaders

  • Members of the Bishop's Committee

    St. Stephen's Bishop's Committee provides administrative and pastoral directions to the members (Clergy and Laity) of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. The Bishop's Committee is composed of members from the congregation, representing a diverse set of skills and gifts for leadership. The Bishop's Committee, along with the Vicar, has a responsibility for overseeing and setting the vision for the congregation, as well as care for the building, finances, and outreach opportunities. Bishop Committee Members are elected for a term of one year and hold their meetings once a month.

    • Kate Kudrewicz, Bishop’s Warden
    • Kathie Gregory, Treasurer
    • Kathie Scheider, Clerk
    • Allison Hodas
    • John Snyder
    • Cindy Willis
    • John Rushe
    • Brian Skelly
    • Tom Showler
  • Very Rev. John P. Downey, Vicar

    Fr. John is the newly appointed Vicar at  St. Stephen’s. He is Canon Theologian of the diocese and Dean Emeritus of the Cathedral of St. Paul in Erie. At St. Stephen’s, he is the primary priest and preacher and oversees worship.

  • Kate Thiem

    Kate Thiem is the Director of Music at St. Stephen's. Prior to her appointment, she spent seven years as the music director at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Erie. She is also a choral music teacher at Westlake Middle School in the Millcreek Township School District. She enjoys golfing and traveling with her husband, Patrick. 

  • Assisting Clergy

    Deacon Dorothy Konyha and Fr. Don Baxter are retired clergy of the diocese who assist at St. Stephen’s on a voluntary basis. 

  • Lay Worship Leaders/Preachers

    St. Stephen's has an active lay ministry periodically involved with our services using Lay Worship Leaders/Preachers. 

    • Steve Ropski
    • John Rushe
    • Cindy Willis